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Valued Citizens Initiative is a non-governmental organisation founded in 2001 to answer the request of the Gauteng Department of Education to develop citizenship education in public schools.

At Valued Citizens Initiative, we believe in creating a shift from the society we are in to the society we want, one young person at a time.

Providing academic and social justice support programmes, we promote self-development to enable people to be value driven and improve their lives and encourage citizens to engage with our democracy.

Focused on constitutional values and leadership principles in public schools from Grade 4 to Grade 12, Valued Citizens Initiative today offers a holistic approach working with parents, social workers and teachers as the pillars of our society and our children being learners, youth at risk and children in conflict with the law.

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A Youth inspired to Lead their Lives!

It is undeniable that today major challenges affecting the youth include teenage pregnancy, abuse of substances, peer-pressure, and high vulnerability linked to poverty. Crying out to be heard, for support, and connection with positive role-models, our youth has found a platform through the iNSPIRE Programme.


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