iNSPIRE Programme

iNSPIRE is a leadership programme focusing on Grade 9 girl learners from rural and township public schools in Gauteng and KwaZulu Natal. Today this programme has reached 751 grade 9 girl learners from 66 high schools whom have successfully enrolled 3879, indirectly reaching 73088 learners. The programme's primary goal is to address the issue of gender inequalities and poverty in our communities by developing and challenging girl learners' perceptions of self, promote emotional well-being and support them to grow as young learners developing sustainable projects within their schools.

The programme targets 10 girl learners (5 youth at risk and 5 positive role models) from 10 secondary schools per province - 100 girl learners in each province. The programme consists of 2 journeys over 4 days.

The first camp themed "Me, Myself and My Journey" focuses on self-reflection about our values, understanding who we are and standing up for what we believe in no matter our life experience or background. Through this journey, girl learners heal their emotional wounds. Then, they are asked to reflect on their school environment to identify a challenge and create an iNSPIRE Club to rally other learners and the whole school behind their project and lead their team towards realistic, practical solutions, with the guidance of their educator.

Whilst the second camp themed "Journey through Leadership" focuses on equipping our learners with leadership and communication skills through games; role-plays; compiling leadership art galleries and last but not least, having motivational talks by business leaders from various spheres of society.

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Latest News

Values in the Lead… Looking within first!

In Ilembe, Amajuba and Ulundi in KwaZulu-Natal, and West Coast in Western Cape, our School Management Teams have agreed that their school’s vision and mission are very often dated, and not known by all stakeholders. The focus is on Excellence in Education but not defining it. Firstly, they had to reflect on the meaning of key words forming part of their vision. It was noticed how the articulation of the school’s vision is essential as it makes a school unique, strengthen the values we wish to internalise and experience through behaviour from our teachers, learners and parents and it should form the spine of how we deliver teaching and facilitate learning.


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