As a Non-Profit Organisation, Valued Citizens Initiative focuses on connecting and enabling school leaders, teachers, parents, learners, children and youth, social service practitioners and entrepreneurs to become accountable Valued Citizens contributing towards our democracy and the South African economy.


We invest into human capital by enhancing confidence, creativity, accountability, a sense of purpose from school to home and from home to communities, enhancing a sense of belonging with pride. Valued Citizens Initiative develops the ecosystem of a child through parenting skills programmes and accredited professional development programmes for leadership in schools, teachers, social service practitioners. And we provide essential soft skills programmes to youth and children, following the Valued Citizens’ methodology to guide positive behaviour change to ensure sustainable impact.

Our impact since 2001

12 Programmes
2674 Schools
8559 Educators
2279 Social Workers
1 615 500 Learners

Our Programmes

Enhance the Ecosystem of a Child

Increase Youth Employability

Develop Active Citizenry

Active Citizenry

Our Valued Citizens Alumni articulate tips for their peers and facilitate sessions to enhance resilience at a time where many of our learners feel confused, fuelled by anxiety and stress as the year has passed and learning with the guidance of a teacher every day remained a luxury for many.

On Saturday 10th of June 2023, throughout the day, 24 learners from KwaBhekilanga and East Bank high schools in Alexandra will converge at Mandela Square, Sandton to deepen the meaning of creating ...
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