Valued Citizens Initiative is a Non-Profit Organisation that connects school leaders, teachers, social workers, parents and learners as valued citizens.

We enhance confidence, creativity, accountability and a sense of purpose from school to home, developing a value-driven society through life-skills programmes. Our goal is to inspire individuals to become responsible Valued Citizens determined to lead their lives engaging with our democracy and contributing towards the South African economy.

One school community at a time, we deliver on the outcomes with a sustainable impact as our life skills programmes change behaviour and attitude.

Our impact since 2001

9 Programmes
2182 Schools
6598 Educators
1912 Social Workers
1 615 500 Learners

Our Programmes

Enhance the Ecosystem of a Child

Increase Youth Employability

Develop Active Citizenry

Active Citizenry

Our Valued Citizens Alumni articulate tips for their peers and facilitate sessions to enhance resilience at a time where many of our learners feel confused, fuelled by anxiety and stress as the year has passed and learning with the guidance of a teacher every day remained a luxury for many.

Time matters and you matter. It's the time to show up in our lives.
The new regulations requiring all citizens to stay in-doors in an effort to drastically limit the spread of Corona Virus has given South Africans an opportunity to reflect on how they go about the...