Sondela Dialogues

South Africa celebrates the 20th Anniversary of its Constitution and as a country we have realized that our Rainbow Nation has celebrated diversity through curriculum exercise in schools and through policies, but did we really engage as a nation to build pride in our identity, our constitutional values and who we are?

Through Sondela Dialogues, learners understand their role as active citizens, and take action through their Valued Citizens Clubs to enhance constitutional literacy and have a voice. The programme consists of open dialogues which are then translated into visual art. This exercise deepens the understanding of our constitutional rights, our responsibility as citizens, and the importance of nationhood.


“The Sondela Open Dialogues assisted me to improve my self-confidence and know where I stand in all the challenges that we are confronted with as a country. The Programme has also taught me that I am a leader and I should teach my peers what I have been taught in the programme, thanks to the Department of Basic Education.” 

Malesedi Mofokeng

Mampoi Secondary School

“In protecting our Constitutional Democracy and the Rule of Law, as a Valued Citizen, I would report all the bad things that are out of control in my community. I will also try to open groups to dialogue on the importance of respecting the law. This will also help us not to depend on government, but to work together to solve our problems.” 

Relebohile Mbongo

Hlajoane Secondary School

“We can protect our Constitutional Democracy by stopping discrimination across all the racial groups and gender, now I know I can speak about it thanks to Le Secours Populaire and the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. We can also work together to stop the abuse that we always see in our communities and make people understand that we need each other.” 

Sebatso Santi

Mookodi Secondary School

“My perception regarding socio-economic challenges has changed because now I know that I can make change in my community. If I start with taking my school work seriously, I could be a great leader one day and assist children that cannot afford to go to school to pay their studies.” 

Reamohetswe Radebe

Mampoi Secondary School

“As Valued Citizen I have learnt that I must respect the rights of other people and if I break the law then I need to be arrested.”

Relebohile Monesa

Nkhobiso Secondary School

“The knowledge that l gained through Sondela Open Dialogues is that overthinking can make your pain worse and accepting your situation and act on it, is very important”, 

Katleho Morake

Eden Ridge Secondary School

“I always thought that challenges are big things to deal with but now l learned that nothing is impossible we can overcome them. I also used to hate school, but now l doesn’t miss any class, thanks to Le Secours Populaire and the Gauteng Department of Education.” 

Simphiwe Gowensa

Windmill Secondary School