Values in the lead

Launched in 2001 in just two public schools in Soweto, the Values in the Lead programme has now reached 2148 public primary and high schools in Gauteng, Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal, Free State and Western Cape. The primary objective of providing a holistic professional development of teachers and School Management Teams (SMT) to lead their school with ethics and nurture children to grow as independent responsible Valued Citizens.

For SMT and Educators, it translates in 48 hours of training spread within the year to enable for self-reflection, integration and practice of knowledge and skills. It cultivates participants’ sense of purpose and will-power in their quest to lead learners towards academic excellence, knowing who they are and taking pride in belonging to South Africa.

The programme targets as well learners in the intermediate and senior phases and is infused in the social sciences and life orientation curriculum. In just twelve years the programme’s operational scope has extended from two schools in one province to reach approximately 60 schools per year.

The programme has reached 1 277 600 learners through our 6388 Valued Citizens teachers whom have received their certificates for committing to the journey of education – Aware, Enabled, Empowered.

School Management Team Leadership training workshop themes include:

  • Learning open and effective communication;
  • Leading being values-driven;
  • Aligning thinking, feelings and behaviour towards values;
  • Enhancing our commonalities as people and embracing diversity as a strength to be leveraged.

Educator’s training workshop themes such as:

  • Developing communication skills;
  • Positive behaviour and an “attitude for gaining altitude”;
  • Learning to discipline with respect and dignity;
  • Enhancing the pride of belonging to a school;
  • Appreciation for multiculturalism and ensuring the practice of democracy in schools.

As part of both trainings, beneficiaries are required to complete an assignment and a portfolio over a period of six months. The objective of the assignment is to guide them in addressing challenges facing their schools, thus developing solutions that are sustainable, ethical and promote values in their schools.