Voices from our Beneficiaries

Tips from our young Valued Citizens Alumni for learners - Motivation Videos by our Alumni



“I have been stressed about being in matric but the Valued Citizens Bridging for Life Programme became handy and helped me cope with pressure, thanks to TATA. I wish to apply for Financial Management at Wits University and my ultimate goal is to become a Financial Director one day. I am a confident, creative and a hardworking person.” Monwabisi Dzonze from Cosmo City 1 Secondary School shared.

“I want to be an auditor starting first working for Investec then becoming self-employed. I know myself better because of the Valued Citizens programme, I am determined and in the second semester, l made the decision to lose every friend that influences me negatively so that l can achieve my goals”, Moshe Khotso from Emadwaleni Secondary School shared.

“I would like to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Free State. I am trustworthy, creative, respectful, disciplined and focused. I need to do my best and use all of my strengths like that I discovered thanks to the Bridging for Life programme.” Thendo Matoro from Cosmo City 1 Secondary School shared.


“As a Valued Citizens learner, I have learned the value of taking care of myself, taking time to evaluate situations in my life, thanks to Engie Foundation and the Gauteng Department of Education. I have to respect others and not judge them. I have to take full responsibility for my actions or situations and help others.” Mmakosha Magadani from Vukani Mawethu Secondary School said.  

“I always make sure to put hard work and determination into everything I do and what I want to achieve. I commit myself in taking full responsibility for my actions in bad and good doings and that’s how I show the value of responsibility as a Valued Citizens learner and leader.” Dineo Sithole from David Makhubo High School said.

“I show the value of responsibility in my life as a learner and a Valued Citizen leader by taking responsibility for my actions without blaming anyone. I have learned that as a Valued Citizen, I must hold myself accountable for my actions whether they are wrong or right, thanks to Engie Foundation and the Gauteng Department of Education. I am responsible for making my dreams come true.” Lehlohonolo Khoza from Phateng Secondary School shared.

“Since I am a Valued Citizens leader, I was taught to have self-esteem and have confidence in myself, so I have gratitude for the opportunity given by Engie Foundation and the Gauteng Department of Education. Now, I am a good learner who shows respect for teachers and others. In the past, I was a person who was angry at others and could not care less. I have learned to be exemplary to my peers by living my values.” Sarah Maisaka Mailula from Namedi Secondary School shared.  

“Valued Citizens taught me that leadership is not about holding a position. Through the iNSPIRE programme, I have learnt that being a leader is about understanding people, supporting them, being a good listener and sharing ideas. There is no need to be good at everything but to be good at something.” Mbali Mofokeng from Eqinisweni Secondary School said.


“The Sondela Open Dialogues assisted me to improve my self-confidence and know where I stand in all the challenges that we are confronted with as a country. The Programme has also taught me that I am a leader and I should teach my peers what I have been taught in the programme, thanks to the Department of Basic Education.” Malesedi Mofokeng, Mampoi Secondary School.

“In protecting our Constitutional Democracy and the Rule of Law, as a Valued Citizen, I would report all the bad things that are out of control in my community. I will also try to open groups to dialogue on the importance of respecting the law. This will also help us not to depend on government, but to work together to solve our problems.” Relebohile Mbongo, Hlajoane Secondary School.

“We can protect our Constitutional Democracy by stopping discrimination across all the racial groups and gender, now I know I can speak about it thanks to Le Secours Populaire and the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. We can also work together to stop the abuse that we always see in our communities and make people understand that we need each other.” Sebatso Santi, Mookodi Secondary School.

“My perception regarding socio-economic challenges has changed because now I know that I can make change in my community. If I start with taking my school work seriously, I could be a great leader one day and assist children that cannot afford to go to school to pay their studies.” Reamohetswe Radebe, Mampoi Secondary School

“As Valued Citizen I have learnt that I must respect the rights of other people and if I break the law then I need to be arrested.” Relebohile Monesa, Nkhobiso Secondary School.

“The knowledge that l gained through Sondela Open Dialogues is that overthinking can make your pain worse and accepting your situation and act on it, is very important”, Katleho Morake, Eden Ridge Secondary School.

“I always thought that challenges are big things to deal with but now l learned that nothing is impossible we can overcome them. I also used to hate school, but now l doesn’t miss any class, thanks to Le Secours Populaire and the Gauteng Department of Education.” Simphiwe Gowensa, Windmill Secondary School.

“I learnt a lot through the Sondela dialogue sessions, for example, l learnt that being judgmental is wrong and that we should respect each other. I have learned that sometimes, l need to adjust to other people’s needs rather than being selfish.” Phila Gunoquza, KwaBhekilanga Secondary School.

“There was a teacher whom l used to disrespect and treat her like she was nothing to me. Through the Sondela Open Dialogues Programme, l realized that she is also a parent to me thus l had to tell myself to change my behaviour and attitude, open-up to her and be honest.” Nyirenda Ndivhuwo, Realogile Secondary School.

“I have learnt that as a Valued Citizen, there are children who are looking up to me and they might copy the bad behaviour that l was portraying. Through this programme, l have learned to lead by example and be a valued citizen in my community, thanks to Le Secours Populaire and the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development.” Ngaletsane Monyela, Magogo Secondary School.

“There are lot of bullying in my school, thanks to Sondela Open Dialogue sessions l have learnt to be part of the solution, so instead of laughing at the person being bullied, l try to help that person. I have consciously made the decision to change my behaviour both at home and school. I have learned to be a Valued Citizen and not to be afraid of the challenges that come my way but to face them with courage, thanks to Valued Citizens Initiative.” Lesedi Dikgale, Boshego Secondary School.

“Sondela has taught me that working as a team can help achieve a lot of things, so l am going to work with my classmates to “cause” positive changes in our community, I am a Valued Citizen.” Khama Seotia, Mountainview High school.

“Growing up l thought money is the only important thing in life and one has to do all they can just to get that money. However, the Sondel Open Dialogues programme has taught me about values and ethics that we are supposed to have as youths that will help in controlling the crimes we are seeing in our communities. As South Africans we are supposed to stick together and protect each other’s’ rights. We must work together to stop the abuse that is happening, we must treat other people as we would like to be treated.” Ediwina Modiba, Frans Mohlala Secondary School.


“The ISIQALO Camp programme was very good we need this kind of programmes as Social Service Practitioners. It was very vital as it has given us a chance to reflect on our profession and to check if we are really doing what we pledged when we graduate, are we giving our communities the best we can in order to address the social issues that are within our communities.”

“Personally, I feel that the iSIQALO camp was refreshing, capacitating and recharging. I feel so recharged to face my clients. 90% of the camp was really fulfilling and I will definitely recommend the programme to my colleagues as I do not want to leave anyone behind says the theme of 2022 world social work day.”