iCHOOSE Diversion Programme

iCHOOSE is a Diversion Programme part of restorative justice, focusing on healing, and empowering children, youth and adults with essential life skills such as self-management, self-leadership, decision making, and problem-solving skills linked to emotional intelligence and communication.

The programme for children, youth and adult offenders is made up of two modules; HEAL (Holistic Empowerment Approach with Love) and PRIDE (Proudly Responsible Individual Dedicated to Empowerment), which are implemented over a period of two months for court procedures.

Each of these two modules include a visual arts component that is instrumental in the healing process as it exposes their emotional state and assists them to detach and take ownership of their life story. It is accompanied by a parenting skills programme for parents to support positive behaviour change and build caring, trustworthy families.

Successful completion of the programme results in the withdrawal of the charges against the offenders, whilst equipped with the relevant soft skills to adapt better to change, reflect on their actions, and develop emotional maturity. With the most gratifying being able to forgive themselves and gain self-respect.

To date 2097 divertees have benefited from our programme and only 7 re-offended that we know of.