Bridging for Life

Bridging for Life is a two year leadership programme tailored for Grade 11 and 12 learners with the objective of channelling our youth towards a successful enrolment in the higher education and training sector leading towards employability. So far the programme has proved its efficacy as since 2010 more than 70% of our Valued Citizens youth have transitioned to further their education within one year after passing Matric. Furthermore, 65% of our youth in tertiary institutions complete their degrees. Today our first alumni are qualified pharmacists, educators, accountants, engineers, social workers and doctors. As an extra curriculum programme, Bridging for Life imparts important life skills, ranging from emotional intelligence, effective communication, self-leadership and management, career development, citizenship education. This further develops learners’ self-confidence that will enable them to stand firm as valued citizens who are goal driven. Bridging for Life programme consists of participatory, transformative workshops and experiential learning focusing on:
  • Communication skills and emotional intelligence;
  • Self-discipline and leadership skills;
  • Problem solving and decision making skills;
  • Personal and career development planning;
  • Courage and self-confidence
  • Budgeting.
From its inception in 2010, Bridging for Life is proving its credentials as an effective programme that is contributing towards increasing the number of learners’ qualifying for tertiary education in order to be active participant in our economy.

“I have been stressed about being in matric but the Valued Citizens Bridging for Life Programme became handy and helped me cope with pressure, thanks to TATA. I wish to apply for Financial Management at Wits University and my ultimate goal is to become a Financial Director one day. I am a confident, creative and a hardworking person.” 

Monwabisi Dzonze

Cosmo City 1 Secondary School
“I want to be an auditor starting first working for Investec then becoming self-employed. I know myself better because of the Valued Citizens programme, I am determined and in the second semester, I made the decision to lose every friend that influences me negatively so that I can achieve my goals.”

Moshe Khotso from Emadwaleni Secondary School

Emadwaleni Secondary School
“I would like to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Free State. I am trustworthy, creative, respectful, disciplined and focused. I need to do my best and use all of my strengths like that I discovered thanks to the Bridging for Life programme.”

Thendo Matoro

Cosmo City 1 Secondary School

Valued Citizens Initiative infused in me first the concept that you can decide to succeed in your life and you have the power to succeed. The idea that your future is not determined by your background. The idea that you do not need to be naturally gifted to succeed, gaining time management skills and  self-awareness then assisted me to change my reality. Today I am an Alumni of Bridging for Life Programme and Electrical Engineer. 

Albert Dove

Electrical Engineer working at Deloitte and doing his PhD