iVALUE is a School Enrichment programme focused on providing entrepreneurial skills to Grade 10 and 11 learners to become business-minded, and get to run a successful business. Learners are taught to be practical about an idea; learn to understand that a brand is born from a creative mindset; a business is born from failures and perseverance to continue; a successful entrepreneur is a profit-maker who can invest further into the business but also into the development of people.

The programme lasts two years. The first year the programme is focused on the theory of entrepreneurship, and the second year consists of compiling a business plan for a pitch. The winners experience running their own business. The methodology followed is based on experiential learning to ensure that within that period learners will be able to engage in entrepreneurial activities and potentially further their studies at UJ in Business Management or Entrepreneurship and become self-employed.

Tanya Knowles from Strate believes that iValue’s story of nurturing an enterprising spirit among young learners is one that needs to be acknowledged, given that only some 7% of successful grade 12 learners in South Africa find employment in the formal sector. “The future of our economy depends on how we raise and educate our youth. Therefore, the investment in education and skills transfer should be a non-negotiable item on every corporate agenda.