iCHOOSE Responsible Parenting

The iCHOOSE Responsible Parenting Programme is a family-oriented programme presented to parents at public schools and in communities, and focuses on empowering its beneficiaries to build their family structure and well-being. A caring family life and stable home environment are the key factors that can contribute to reduction of children offenders and vulnerability.

iCHOOSE Responsible Parenting aims to enable family members to contribute effectively in leading children to become responsible adults, understanding their family crest, to live the values binding family members, developing healthy relationships, to enhance caring, nurturing, loving and supporting capabilities of families through parenting skills workshops. Focused on parenting styles, why children misbehave how to build healthy relationships through care, open communication and showing love through behaviour.

Family is a pillar of society as it influences the way society is structured, organised and functions. South Africa has a number of unique circumstances that affect the structure and situations of families – including the migrant labour system inherited from Apartheid which undermines the African family and created conditions for its disintegration; poverty; the HIV/AIDS pandemic which has placed an added burden on to children.

The programme gets the parents to look inwardly and outwardly at their behaviour; and there is also a cross-pollination of learning as they listen to other parents share their challenges and experiences. It strengthens the family’s values, makes them understand their role and nurtures healthy caring relationships. One of the most gratifying observations is witnessing parents get to appreciate two important factors: that giving gifts is not a substitute for giving children time and affection; and that showing involvement and emotional support to a child impacts on their well-being, and therefore on their school performance.