In our patriarchal society, Social Workers, Auxiliary Social Workers and Victim-Empowerment Counsellors are part of key support systems to our Communities. The iSIQALO professional development programme enables them to reflect on personal values and experiences, to challenge the status quo on gender equity and assist children, in particular the girl child, to develop holistically and reach their full potential. Since its inception in 2011, 1396 Social Work practitioners have been trained. And from March 2014, our iSIQALO programme has been accredited with 40CPD points with the Council of Social Work Profession.

The goal of this programme is to standardise the quality of service rendered to girl children throughout the Gauteng Province, protecting the rights of the girl children and assisting them to grow holistically. By so doing, the programme indirectly strives to empower the girl child in their core spheres of existence with life skills which are essential to develop her, not as a victim or wounded child, but as a dignified human being and future responsible woman.

iSIQALO programme empowers the social workers with knowledge and skills in dealing with the girl child through interactive workshops role playing and modelling of skills and techniques as well as looking at the professional self of the beneficiaries. With iSIQALO, the levels of competence and thus esteem of social workers have been elevated.

  • iSIQALO training has made us realize how our experiences are there to help us develop for the better and how we are able to achieve our full potential while rendering services to families and vulnerable children”.

    Sara Tshamano Molea

    Social Worker March 2020
  • iSIQALO professional development enabled me to do self-identification, self-reflection, self-acknowledgement, self-care and self-understanding of my experience this is key in the helping profession as from my personal experience I see the world.

    Vanessa Naidoo

    Social Worker March 2020
  • Through iSIQALO Professional development, we were made aware how ‘art’ can help our clients regain their sense of self particularly those who have suffered severe trauma and have not been able to speak out.

    Vuyelwa Mbonyane

    Social Worker Krugersdorp