About Valued Citizens Initiative

Established in 2001 in Gauteng Province, Valued Citizens Initiative is a Non-Government Organisation that was created with the aim of developing holistically schools as ecosystems where children, parents, social service practitioners, educators and principals feel proud to belong to as the cradle of our constitutional values. 

Focused on behaviour change and sustainable impact, our accredited professional development programmes and soft skills programmes for children and youth enhance confidence, creativity, accountability and a sense of purpose for individuals to be active Valued Citizens contributing towards our South African economy. Valued Citizens Initiative serves the public-school communities in Limpopo, Free State, Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, and Mpumalanga from deep rural areas to townships and urban areas.

About our logo

The Valued Citizens Initiative logo was designed by learners from Ikageng Primary School, the first school to be part of Valued Citizens Initiative’s endeavours.

The colours used in the logo are those of the South African national flag. The reason for the use of these colours is to express our pride in being South African citizens.

The yellow circle symbolises the unification of the nation and also portrays the never-ending spirit of Ubuntu.

In the centre of the logo are two colours – red (left) and green (right), shaped to form a heart. The heart expresses the need for caring, sharing and most of all LOVING.

The red coloured figure on the left represents parents. The green coloured figure on the right represents educators. The blue figure in the middle signifies a learner. Holistically, the logo emphasises how parents and educators are needed to facilitate the growth of children.

Valued Board Members and Ambassadors

APPOINTMENT Board of Directors Position Gender
21/11/2013 Nicholas Maweni Chairperson M
11/12/2019 Athenkosi Stoto Secretary M
27/10/2021 Molebogeng Ramalebana Treasurer F
24/08/2021 Thamotheran NAIR Board Member M
05/02/2022 Lucy Talane Board member F