Of many challenges facing South Africa, job creation and better service delivery have been arguably placed as leading priorities in recent years and consequently averting focus from underlying attributes. Which if properly focused on and dealt with can easily assist the country effectively to create opportunities addressing social and economic challenges. One of those underlying attributes is the lack of adequate career guidance in our public schools.

Responding positively to the call from the Department of Higher Education and Training, Valued Citizens Initiative wish to publish its first workbook called “Career Voices for Career Choices” which intends to present learners with the confidence to decide what they want to do in future. The vision behind this publication is to navigate towards appropriate education of careers for learners, which will enable them to assist build a country free from social ills such as poverty, unemployment and crime.

Strategically compiled, “Career Voices for Career Choices” will revolutionize career guidance books, as it incorporates ground-breaking features. One of them being: Written interviews – professionals from various careers will describe their day i.e. A day In the Life of a Civil Engineer. This right-brain approach to describing a career brings it alive and makes it ‘real’ for the learners as each professional details its hourly activities, responsibilities and experiences.

This publication “Career Voices for Career Choices – Be, Do and Have” – will become a learning support material to every Valued Citizens High Schools involved with our programmes serving mainly the township schools (75%), rural schools (15%) and suburb schools (10%) in Free State, Limpopo, KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng and FET Colleges at national level. For this fifth Valued Citizens publication, we need to raise R831 522.98, we believe we can as nothing is impossible when we are driven so contact Carole Podetti-Ngono on 011 781 9462 or valuedcitizens@telkomsa.net and check on us on www.valuedcitizens.co.za.

Do you wish to serve the cause of Education? Or do you wish to invest in the youth and use efficiently your CSI budget to get a good rating on your scorecard? Then this is one of the way to do it investing in the youth through Valued Citizens Initiative, accountable and transparent with our partners and stakeholders, relevant with its programmes focused on quality not numbers, our team has the passion, drive and commitment towards our beneficiaries as they are our clients.