“Celebrating Women through the Eyes of Our Children” is a special publication, which has channeled the creative energy of children and women. The art book is a celebration of women and the many and important roles they play in our society. The book promotes gender equality and women empowerment.

A hundred women achievers contributed inspirational quotes on gender issues which provided the theme for primary school learners’ art works. Girl learners created the visual artworks in collaboration with artist Severa Rech Casarino and boy learners contributed their poems as a tribute to women. A total of xx primary school learners between the ages of 10 and 15 years contributed to the project.

Our hope is that “Celebrating Women through the Eyes of Our Children” becomes the catalyst for positive thoughts and attitudes, instills pride in the citizens of South Africa, and generates greater endeavours to make this nation a better place for all.

Special Foreword by Mrs Zanele Mbeki.