Endorsed by the Department of Basic Education, the programme is producing rejuvenated educators, driven by passion thanks to our founding partner Renault; and Gold partners: GDF SUEZ; WSSA and Credit Agricole CIB. Take Mr D. Khothule for example, former beneficiary and now programme training officer in Free State; the latter has been nominated for the National “Life Time Achievement” Award by the Free State Department of Education.

According to Valued Citizens Initiative Founder, Carole Podetti Ngono: “The purpose of this event is not just to award educators with Valued Citizens certificate but to provide a platform for learners and government representatives to demonstrate their gratitude and appreciation towards efficient educators. By so doing, it will be apparent to the educators that not only are they verbally recognised for their patriotism, but they are also practically recognised as shapers of the future”.

The entertainment aspect of the event will be on the safe hands of the learners from various public schools in different parts of the Gauteng province. They will show-off their talents by performing entertainment activities ranging from: Drama; Cultural Dances; Choral verses, to name a few. A week back Valued Citizens Initiative hosted a similar event in Free State certifying a total of 271 educators.

Addressing both learners and educators on the day Mr Stanley Malope; Head of Department at the Free State Department of Education said, “Educators are valuable individuals who are among the main facilitators of the development of South Africa”. He added that, “the department does not value educators who are only certified, but educators that apply the knowledge they have acquired from the Values in Schools programme in their profession”, Mr Malope added.

This year the Values in Schools programme, in Gauteng, achieved a 91.20% success rate regarding the completion of the Programme which requires a 60% attendance to training; above 50% on a Communication assignment with learners’ questionnaires analysed and a sustainable Valued Citizens Project adding value to the school. Initially a total of 229 educators attended the programme, and only 20 educators were unsuccessful. 46 Public schools represented by these educators are under the authority of Six Districts in Gauteng, namely:

  • Gauteng North District, represented by 48 educators from 8 public schools
  • Johannesburg West District, represented by 70 educators from 2 public schools
  • Johannesburg North District, represented by 21 educators from 5 public schools
  • Johannesburg South District, represented by 12 educators from 5 public schools
  • Tshwane West District represented by 18 educators from 7 public schools,
  • Tshwane South District, represented by 40 educators from 19 public schools.  .

  In 11 years, Valued Citizens Initiative has trained 5135 educators and has certified over 4413 Valued Citizens educators since the organisation’s inception in 2000, in Gauteng; other provinces being Free State and Limpopo.

For further information please contact:
– Carole Podetti Ngono – Founder and Managing Director of Valued Citizens Initiative
011 781 9462 or 082 441 9154