Says Paige Bühr, a Grade 7 learner from GR Harris Primary School: “Stand Against Crime educates us about what is appropriate behavior and helps us to ensure that we grow up without falling into the trap of crime or abusing drugs.” Themed Walk Against Crime, these learners have dedicated 30 minutes of their time to walk to Maraisburg Road in Bosmont and stand on pavement with the aim of providing appealing and inspiring messages against crime using plaque cards. This Stand Against Crime activity will take place from Monday to Thursday at 07:30 to 8:00 am, with Friday seeing more an hour added on lunch time, from 13:00 to 14:00.

Computershare CEO Stan Lorge will visit the GR Harris Primary School in Bosmont, a Stand Against Crime School, on 12th May (9h00 to 10h15) to demonstrate his support for Stand Against Crime. “Our Change a Life charity supports grassroots anti-crime initiatives and we are impressed by the excellent work being done by Valued Citizens Initiative to instill positive values and behaviour in public schools,” he said.

Over recent years South African schools have suffered numerous crime incidents, including stabbing, bullying and physical abuse, and the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention reports that young people aged 12-22 are victimized twice as much as adults. Valued Citizens Initiative founder Carole Podetti-Ngono says the plan is to grow Stand Against Crime into a substantial programme that will positively influence the Gauteng public school environment.