They walked onto the stage with confidence and pride when receiving their certificates. “I do not only know what it means to be accountable, I am living the value,” said a Social Worker during a discussion with colleagues.

“I used to get frustrated quickly and do what was done to me when I was a child – corporal punishment. I discovered through the Values in Schools Programme that there was no need for me neither to use violence nor to be part of the conflict. As educators we are playing a key role on being examples of portraying values. I am one of them now!” stated Mrs. Mundamalo from Sebokeng Technical School.

Mr. Nteo Khauoe from Letse-Ilima Primary School, an educator who successfully took part in the Values in Schools programme in 2003, decided to enrol again, after 10 years, as he wished to carry the torch further. “I am the living proof that open communication is the key to address challenges being pro-active”.

It is because of such educators, social workers and victim empowerment counsellors that we create a ripple effect in our society!