On the 11th of April 2014, Valued Citizens Initiative, together with Strate, launched its iValue Entrepreneurship programme at Kwena Molapo Secondary School, for 20 Grade 10 learners pre-selected for their entrepreneurship character.

“I am taking home the quality of being open-minded. I believe an open-mind will allow me to listen to my customers’ needs, look at various perspectives to try what works and what does not work and develop a sustainable business”, said Hlengiwe Sithole.

Gathered into teams with second and third year students from UJ working towards their Diplomas on Small Business Management, our learners – “The Young Valued Leaders”, “Creative Innovators”, “Zillionaires” and the “Bright Valued Entrepreneurs” engaged in various activities to look at the benefit and challenges of being an entrepreneur and being an employee. Being your own boss is not the driving force but more the independence and freedom to make decisions, take appropriate risks, lead with creativity and take pride in every little step you take to build a brand.

The lessons learnt were to watch your wording, to carry on being inspired, and that being an entrepreneur is about commitment and taking responsibility for growing an idea into a business.