At Skeen Primary School in Alexandra, we witnessed the values of a new generation Grade 5 to Grade 6 learners taking part in our iCHANGE, Stand Against Crime programme.

This programme focuses on making learners conscious of the power of decision making to free themselves from the fear of “bullies”, peer pressure and people infringing the rule of law.

Learners had a blurred picture of our past but a clear understanding of the values being taught from home as said Gift Mabitsela, one of our learners: “Responsibility is my value as I take care of my books and have to learn”.

At Rishile Primary School, during the visit of Computershare, learners had a narrow knowledge of values and could only refer to our former Presidents relating to our history but at least knew what to do should something be or go wrong. Many learners spoke about the process of reporting a bully child or a crime and understand that to fight back or keep quiet is not the behaviour of a Valued Citizen. Learners want to get involved in issues that concern them to strive for respect and responsibility, the two most important values according to them.

Taking the steps to change behaviour and living the values: they are Valued Citizens in the making.